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Assignment forms - residential premises

The Essential Services Commission requires accredited persons to develop Victorian energy efficiency certificate (VEEC) assignment forms to include all of the information and fields outlined in the documents below.  As different mandatory information requirements are required for different prescribed activities, you must download and review the document that is relevant to the prescribed activity which you seek to undertake under the VEET scheme. 

The mandatory information also varies depending on whether the installation is to take place in a residential premises or a business/non-residential premises. For business sector assignment forms, navigate to the appropriate page using the menu on the left.

If your assignment form changes after your original accreditation is issued, you will need to submit a copy to the commission for approval using the online portal available through your account.  Refer to the explanatory note below for instructions.

Please note: These forms are for use by accredited persons, not individual consumers.  If you are a consumer, please contact an AP using the Register of participants on the left hand menu. 


 Relevant guidance material

 Submitting assignment forms for approval

Explanatory note - submitting assignment forms for approval



 VEEC assignment forms - residential premises

 Water heating activities

Gas/LPG water heating (1A and 1B)
Solar water heating (1E, 1F, 2B, 3B and 4B)

Space heating and cooling activities

Space heating and cooling (5,6,7,8,9,10,20 and 23)
Gas ductwork replacement (28)

Space conditioning activities

Insulation (11,12)
Replacement of external window (13)
Retrofit of external window (14)
Weather sealing (15)

Incandescent lighting replacement activities

Installing low energy lighting (21A & 21B)
Installing low energy lighting (21C, 21D, 21E & 21F)

Shower rose activities

Shower rose activity (17)

Refrigerator or freezer activities

Purchase of high efficiency refrigerator or freezer (22)
Destroying pre-1996 refrigerator or freezer (19)

Television activities 

Purchase of high efficiency television (24)

Clothes dryer activities

Installing clothes dryer (25)

Pool pump activities 

Installing high efficiency pool pumps (26)

Standby power controller activities

Installing standby power controller (29)

In-home displays

Installing in-home display (30)