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Unless otherwise stated, the information available through the VEET website is provided for information purposes only and does not amount to any kind of advice. No representation is made as to the accuracy, relevance, completeness, currency or authenticity of the information available through the VEET website. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information is free from error, we do not guarantee that the information is current, complete and correct and accept no responsibility therefore. You are responsible for making your own assessment of all such information and for verifying such information. All information is subject to change without notice. The Essential Services Commission ("the ESC") will not be liable to any person for any loss suffered in connection with the VEET website (including where such loss is due to the negligence of the ESC, its officers, employees or agents). In particular, the ESC will not be liable to any person in respect of the information (or the use of such information) which is available through the VEET website, to which the VEET website refers or to which the VEET website links.
Further, the ESC in no way endorses products listed on the product register and will not be held liable for the failure of a product to meet claims made by the manufacturer or supplier with respect to performance, quality or safety. The listing of a product on the register does not verify that the product complies with the applicable safety or performance standards specified under VEET or any other relevant legislation. If the ESC determines at any time that the product or its installation is not consistent with the Regulations or the Guidelines, the ESC may refuse to register the associated VEECs and may amend the product register to ensure consistency with the Regulations. 
The information contained in the VEET website is not to be displayed except in full screen format. You must not link to any part of the VEET website except in accordance with the VEET Website Copyright Statement.
The ESC makes no representations as to the performance of VEET website. In particular, the ESC does not warrant that the VEET website will be continuously available, that you will have uninterrupted access to it or that it is free from any computer virus, other harmful code or any other defect.