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Getting Accredited 

Becoming an Accredited Person

To become an accredited person (AP):
  1. Learn about the process by reading the documents on this page,
  2. Fill out the accreditation application form (available for download below),
  3. Prepare all the supporting documentation,
  4. Open a VEET account,
  5. Create a new application for accreditation and then upload the application form and supporting documentation, and subsequently
  6. Pay the $500 accreditation fee (but only after you've been invoiced by the ESC). 

Opening a VEET Account

Opening an account costs nothing, and simply requires you to complete an online form with some basic details about your business and your nominated users. An email requesting confirmation will be sent to your inbox immediately. Once you have responded to that email the ESC will activate your account within 1-2 business days. As a VEET account holder, you will have ability to log into the VEET website, apply for products to be listed on the public register, apply for accreditation and buy and sell VEECs. To open a VEET Account, hit the button below.    

Open a new account 


 Relevant Documents and Forms


Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007

Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2008

Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Guidelines

Explanatory Notes

Explanatory Note - Lodging an Application for Accreditation
Explanatory Note - Creating Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates from Prescribed Activities

Explanatory Note - Accredited Persons: VEEC Creation Audits

Explanatory Note - Required Telemarketing and Door to Door Sales Practices by Accredited Persons
 Application Form
Application for VEET Accreditation Form
Application for VEET Additional Activity Approval Form
Schedule 34 Non-Building Based Lighting Upgrade Application Form