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Register of approved project plans

Account Name 
Project Name 
Location (postcode) 
PBA Method 
VEEC Creation Method 
Project Approval Date 
Status Change Date 
National Carbon Bank of Australia North East Water_Wodonga_Blower Upgrade_Jul20183690Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle17 Oct 1817 Oct 18
National Carbon Bank of Australia Hoyts_Chadstone_Control Upgrade_Aug20183145Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle04 Oct 1804 Oct 18
National Carbon Bank of Australia Hoyts_Watergardens_Control Upgrade_Sep20183038Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle02 Oct 1802 Oct 18
National Carbon Bank of Australia YarraRangesCouncil_Kilsyth_ElectricityandGasUpgrades_Jun20183138Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle08 Aug 1808 Aug 18
EC FocusARPANSA_Yallambie_HVAC upgrades_1-08-20183084Measurement and VerificationForward creation with top-upApproved-In-Principle03 Jul 1803 Jul 18
Energy MakeoversAnytime Fitness Sunbury lighting upgrade 201801093429Measurement and VerificationForward creationVEECs registered08 Jan 1815 Jun 18
National Carbon Bank of Australia DHL_Altona_LED Upgrade_March 20183018Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle30 May 1830 May 18
Energy MakeoversAnytime Fitness Watergardens lighting upgrade 201804103038Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle24 Apr 1824 Apr 18
WattlyVan Wyk Flowers - Lyndhurst - Bioenergy Heating 20183975Measurement and VerificationForward creation with top-upApproved-In-Principle19 Apr 1819 Apr 18
EC FocusATP Brooklyn Boiler & Steam Efficiency 08-Jan-20183012Measurement and VerificationForward creationApproved-In-Principle25 Jan 1825 Jan 18
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