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VEET activities by sector

From 7 December 2011, the VEET scheme began expanding from the residential to the business sector. The range of existing prescribed activities that are eligible to be undertaken in the business and non-residential sector was further expanded in February 2012. In May 2012, a range of business and non-residential specific activities were introduced, including lighting upgrades.

In June 2017, the scheme was further expanded to include a new prescribed activity, project-based activities, which are designed to suit a wide range of potential projects which are technology neutral. These types of prescribed activities will not be covered here. Further information on project-based activities can be found here

The following table provides a breakdown of prescribed activities as prescribed by the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations 2008 (the Principal Regulations) showing which are eligible to be undertaken in each sector. The schedule numbers refer to the individual schedules of the Principal Regulations. These schedules define in detail the nature and requirements of each activity.

To be VEET eligible within the residential sector, a premises must be a residential premises, defined as:

  1. A building classified under Part A3 of the Building Code of Australia as a Class 1, 2, 3 or 4 Building. 

To be VEET eligible within the business/non-residential sector, a premises must fulfil two criteria:

  1. the premises must not be a residential premises, and
  2. the premises must not be a 'scheduled activity premises' as defined in Regulation 4 of the Principal Regulations, unless it has been 'opted in' to the VEET scheme pursuant to Regulation 10AA of the Principal Regulations.


Prescribed Activities - Eligibility by Sector






 Water heating

 1Electric to gas or boosted solar hot water YES YES
 2Solar retrofit on electric hot water YES YES
 3Gas to gas boosted solar hot water YES YES
 4Solar pre-heater on gas water heater YES YES
 Space heating & cooling 5Ducted gas to high efficiency ducted gas heater YES YES
 6Central electric to high efficiency ducted gas heater YESYES
 7Ducted heat pump to high efficiency ducted heat pump YESYES
 8Central electric to high efficiency ducted heat pump YESYES
 9Gas flued space heater YESYES
 10Space heat pump YES YES
 20High efficiency ducted gas in premises without heating or cooling product installed YES YES
 23Air con to ducted evaporative cooler YES YES
 28Gas ductwork replacement YES YES
 Space conditioning 11Ceiling insulation YES** NO
 12Underfloor insulation YES YES
 13Window replacement YES YES
 14Window retrofit YES YES
 15Weather sealing YES NO
 Shower rose 17Low efficiency rose to high efficiency rose YES YES
 Incandescent lighting replacement 21Low efficiency lighting to high efficiency  lighting YES YES
 Refrigerator or freezer 19Destroy pre-1996 fridge/freezer YES YES
 22Purchase high efficiency fridge/freezer YES YES
 Television 24High efficiency television YES YES
 Clothes dryer 25High efficiency clothes dryer YES YES
 Pool pumps 26High efficiency pool pump YES YES
SPCs 29Standby power controllers (SPCs) YES YES
IHDs30In-home displays (IHDs)YESNO


High efficiency motor installationNO YES 
 Refrigerated display cabinets32 High efficiency refrigerated display cabinet installationNO YES 
Refrigeration fan motors 33 High efficiency refrigeration fan motor installation NO YES 
Lighting upgrades 34 Undertaking a lighting upgrade NO YES 
 Low flow trigger nozzles35 Efficient low flow trigger nozzle replacing decommissioned inefficient trigger nozzle NOYES 
Prerinse spray valves  36Water efficient prerinse spray valve installation; water efficient prerinse spray valve replacing decommissioned inefficient prerinse spray valve NO YES

 * The precise nature of these prescribed activities, including various restrictions that govern them, are described in the Principal Regulations. Readers should consult the Principal Regulations as well as the Explanatory note - creating VEECs from prescribed activities, available through the Publications page on the menu to the left, before undertaking any of the above activities.
** Ceiling insulation is currently subject to a discount factor of zero, meaning that VEECs cannot be created for this prescribed activity.